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Tournament News 5/27

The past two weeks of community-led tournaments have been wonderful. This weekend, 5/30, 2020 we will be having another $1,000 tournament hosted by OctoOG.

We are working internally on adjustments to the format from past weeks and getting a link for sign-ups as soon as possible. I will post a link here once the information is availiable.

On June 6, 2020, Prophecy will host our first $10,000 tournament. The tournament is formatted with 32 players. The players are selected as the top 8 from weeks 1, 2, & 3. The final 8 to qualify will be the current top 8 MMR players. The top 8 MMR players will be selected at 11:59PM EST on Sunday, May 31. If a top 8 MMR player has already qualified, the next highest MMR player will take that place.

MMR will be reset on Monday, June 1. Afterwards, we will be hosting a $10,000 tournament each month through December. Tournament, qualifications, and payout structures for these future $10,000 tournaments are in the works at the moment and I will share more information once that is complete! I will post the info here once it is available. Exciting times ahead!

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